Today we’re talking about what inner transformation or human revolution looks like through a consistent practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 

Our guest is Judy Juanita from Oakland, California. A writer and lecturer, she shares her incredible journey of many decades practicing Buddhism and how it helped her find the courage to change the things that held her back. 


1:33 Judy discovers Buddhism 

9:05 Identifying the thing that was holding her back 

20:56 Transforming a part of behavior she didn’t like

25:50 Her writing career opens up 

37:51 Moving to Oakland to support her family 

43:13 Her Buddhist practice gets deeper and deeper over decades

What is Buddhability?

The reality is, we’re already enlightened. It’s only as we face obstacles, stress and our own messiness that we start to forget it. This is a show about how to believe in yourself again, told by a community of Buddhists doing it everyday, and changing the world along the way. Hosted by journalist Jihii Jolly, who you might know from the popular SGI-USA podcast Buddhist Solutions for Life’s Problems, each week you’ll hear an honest conversation about real life and how to tap into your Buddhability. From relationships and dream jobs to lessons from psychology and activism, subscribe to Buddhability on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts so you never miss an episode. For more stories, tips on practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhism, and our newsletter, visit www.buddhability.org.