Insights with Don Mills and David Campbell- An Acadia Broadcasting Podcast

The Spatz Family Story Behind Southwest Properties
One of the real privileges attached to doing the Insights Podcast is to learn the back story behind some of the region's most successful entrepreneurs. This is the case with the Spatz family, beginning with the early years of Southwest Properties under family patriarch Simon Spatz and the continuing story of the company under the able leadership of his son Jim. Interestingly, Jim began his career as an emergency doctor in Montreal before giving up a medical career to join the family business. Southwest Properties is one of Halifax's largest landlords with over 2,000 units in the city. The company is also involved in hotels and other commercial properties as well as being recognized for some of Halifax's most iconic buildings including Bishop's Landings and the Pavilion. The company is about to build one of its biggest developments on property adjacent to Mount Saint Vincent University purchased from the Sisters of Charity, to be known as Seton Ridge. This development is expected to have 2,400 housing units upon completion and is being designed as an urban village. Southwest Properties has earned a reputation as a high-quality developer and Jim Spatz has a well-earned reputation for his philanthropy and community work. It is an interesting story indeed. 

What is Insights with Don Mills and David Campbell- An Acadia Broadcasting Podcast?

This podcast combines the experiences of an economist, David Campbell and a social scientist, Don Mills, to explore the challenges and opportunities facing Atlantic Canada, to promote data-driven decision making among policymakers and to encourage a wider dialogue and debate leading to greater prosperity for the region. Expect to hear interviews with the top influencers, business leaders and decision-makers across Atlantic Canada to inform, educate and expand the conversations on the key issues facing the region.