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On today's 142nd episode of The Thriller Zone, we welcome the talented and oh-so-very-funny Edgar-winning author Erin Flanagan, author of Come With Me.

Don't let that outlandish & thoroughly engaging humor fool you, because this woman knows how to write, and engage, and thrill, page after page. Today, we discuss, besides her latest thriller, so many real-life situations.

I won't spoil the surprise, and instead ask that you kick back and enjoy. Trust me, it's one of the most engaging times this host has had so far in the new season.

YES, all my guests are engaging, and smart, and talented, and Erin shows us how determination and persistence (and using spreadsheets to calculate the time, distance and length of a book) proves incredibly insightful.

For more about Erin, visit and follow her on all social media channels!

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