Join me this season as I learn about systemic racism and how it has affected Black Americans. My goal is to honor these unique perspectives by listening to each story, seeing the world through their eyes, and growing into a more compassionate ally and friend.

Show Notes

In this season we learn how to be an ally to our Black co-workers, neighbors, and friends. We learn how to ask relevant questions. We learn how to listen. We learn how to say, "I see you. I hear you. I am with you."

Articles on Racism:

What is systemic racism?

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable topic of race.

Anti-racism: A practice in being uncomfortable.

The Myth of a Post Racial America

Post Racial Society

ACLU videos:

Los Angeles, 1992 - 100 Years of Racism in Policing

Detroit, 1967 - 100 Years of Racism in Policing

Harlem, 1935 - 100 Years of Racism in Policing

Chicago, 1919 - 100 Years of Racism in Policing

What is Gramercy?

Stories from those who live and work on the margins of society.