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From startup companies to being at a large scale organization, Jeff has been doing product marketing work since before it was even defined as PMM. In this interview you’ll hear his point of view on the emergence of self serve and how it’s impacted the role of product marketing. He shares how the environment at many companies has made the switch from a sales led environment to product led and why product marketers are earning their seat at the table in making big decisions.

He also discusses the co-creation that exists with sales, how to position yourself in the market, advice on how to conduct listening tours and better serve as the cross functional diplomat to reduce friction amongst teams and champion stakeholders.

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Questions covered in this interview:
  1. Can you share a bit more about how you got into product marketing, and also into more of a growth role?
  2. Product-led Growth is clearly a hot topic everywhere around us. How do you think about product marketing differently in a product-left growth company versus a more traditional sales or marketing led company?
  3. How have you structured your growth PMM team? How would you say it’s different from a traditional team?
  4. Beyond just structure, how is the role different for an individual PMM? Are there different traits or skills your looking for that a traditional PMM would need to develop?
  5. With your focus on growth, how do you draw lines on what you and your team handle versus others in marketing or product development?
  6. How do you think about driving user adoption at Calendly?
  7. Is there anything that a mentor, colleague, or manager has taught you that has served you well in your career? Can you share a bit about it?

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