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We decided to sit down and talk about the "classic" 1994 Double Dragon movie. What is going on with Abobo's head, what is Marian's role in the story, and why is the big bad guy a cheap knock-off of Vanilla Ice?

Show Notes

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Squidge and I really wanted to start a series called "Waffling Taylors Goes to the Movies" - seriously, check out that artwork. And what better a movie to start with than the 1994 silver screen version of Double Dragon? We go through the plot (what little of it there is), the characters, the special effects (which were actually pretty good for 1994), and some references to video games.

Also, Alyssa Milano doing a lot of bending over.

Make sure to check out the full show notes for more discussion on the points we raise, some extra meta-analysis, and some links to related things.

Are you a fan of the Double Dragon movie? Do you think it's a cinematic travesty? Are you looking forward to more of the "Waffling Taylors go to the Movies" episodes?

psst. we've already recorded another two episodes in this series

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