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In a world where visual appeal of consumer products is critical, it's important for brands to prioritize product safety and ensure consumers of all ages understand these products are for using NOT consuming! Kristin Cordz, Vice President of Business Development for Market Actives, shares more about her work with Bitrex, focusing on making products taste aversive (bad!!) to prevent the accidental ingestion of harmful substances, including household items like dish tablets, batteries and more. Companies use Bitrex to add an extra layer of safety to their products and to build trust with consumers.

In this episode of The Chemical Show, host Victoria Meyer and Kristin, also known as “The Bitter Gal”, discuss working with major consumer brands to ensure their products are safe and effective. Through their conversation, Victoria and Kristin delve into the importance of transparency in product safety, the challenges faced in the industry, and the need for standardized information to empower consumers in making informed choice

Join us to learn more about the following this week:

  • Product safety through Bitrex
  • The increasing demand for transparency and safety in products
  • Gaining customer insights and meeting the needs of the market
  • Working against commoditization to ensure value
  • Global safety standards
  • Bitrex product tasting
  • ACI's Future Leaders Program
  • Standardizing customer understanding 

Victoria and Kristin explore the challenges and importance of enhancing product safety and discuss how the manufacturing practices of global companies and the overflow of practices to other regions have led to varying levels of product safety discussion. They further emphasize the impact of transparency trends in consumer awareness and the need for standardized information to assist consumers in making informed decisions. Listen in as they share insights, real-life examples, and strategies to ensure product safety in an evolving consumer landscape.

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Creators & Guests

Victoria Meyer
Host of The Chemical Show; founder and President of Progressio Global

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