Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast

It's time to get back to the sport of boxing with an incredible talk with the Australian super heavyweight representative in Paris, Teremoana Jr Teremoana, about his rise through the sport and hopes at the Olympics in July! We learn what unique viewpoint he has of his sport and just why his family is so critical to why he does what he does. We also find out about the world of super heavyweight boxing and all the incredible intricacies that come around how it is done at the highest level. Added to this Teremoana tells about his incredible training regime, just why not only he will create Australian Olympic history in Paris but the entire Australian boxing team, and which other sport just might see him make an appearance after his successful run at the Olympics. It's one of our most insightful and engaging chats ever that will deliver you a knockout of excitement! So get to listening!

What is Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast?

Three men who dreamt of Olympic glory but have as much athletic prowess as a piece of cheese, bring you weekly Olympian interviews from every corner of the planet, as well as entertaining and insightful analysis from all things related to the Olympic Games.