Pablo Woodward is a busker, street artist, storyteller, actor and is better known as the Disco Bunny. He lives in the Bunny Bus, an old Talbot campervan, where we recorded this conversation.

Pablo who grew up living on the streets of Brazil until he was table height when he was adopted by an English couple living in Luxembourg. This was a culture shock of epic proportions and one his adoptive family never understood. After Luxembourg, Pablo and his family moved to a farm in Gloucestershire where he went to Sherbourne School for Boys, one of the posher public schools, where he was introduced to the actor's craft.

Pablo spent years experimenting with a conventional life but it wasn't for him. This is really the story of why he left his partner, kids, home, job and Australia to become the best sort of father he could become - a happy one.

As the Disco Bunny, Pablo's purpose is to unite people through positivity, he wants to bring a smile to your face and for you to share it with others. He came to the world's attention in April 2016 when a life-affirming YouTube video of him dancing with an old lady went viral with 80m views. His stage is the street, his equipment is glitter, chalk, lycra and music.

Pablo is smart, eloquent and charismatic but it's his faith in himself and the human race, that makes him so inspiring. He's been on the receiving end of some utterly unacceptable abuse but he still keeps doing what he does because, on balance, his experience is that people respond positively and smiles are spread.

Show Notes

This conversation in the Bunny Bus covered many moments in the life of Pablo Woodward. This includes the arrival of his 3 children and the Disco Bunny plus:
  • Realising he didn't have a life he'd asked for or wanted
  • His quest to understand himself
  • Going from not believing in himself to doing what he does with passion
  • Going into shock when one of his first video's went viral
  • Being accepted 
  • His need to learn, grow and push himself
  • His sales pitch of free positive energy, free music, free smiles, free glitter, free chalk
  • Pablo noticing the different reactions from different people and understanding he makes people feel uncomfortable
  • Wanting to stop dreaming and start doing
  • His mission to unite people by providing them with opportunities to share positive experiences
  • What it's like to survive on £20 per day 
  • A life where material success is living in the Bunny Bus, not the car.
  • His perfect future where he's disco bunnying all over the world
  • His search for love  
  • The huge difference between his first and second lives 
  • The unexpected consequences of being adopted by a new family into a new and very different culture
  • His time spent doing conventional jobs
  • His breakdown or breakthrough moment 
  • Why you don't have to wait until you're desperate to inspire yourself and make changes to your life
  • Noticing that he was living in his very own metaphorical prison, his feeling that he was trapped and wanting something else 
  • One day living in a castle, the next day living in a car 
  • The worst thing in life being death by boredom 
  • His faith in people and that cries for help will be heard
  • On receiving sexual abuse because of the way he looks
  • The confusion caused by the Disco Bunny    
  • Countering aggression with politeness and the importance of emotional intelligence
  • Why The Disco Bunny goes wherever you least expect to see him
  • On not wanting to live in a house
  • On the very recent arrival of baby Rainbow Soul who right now has everything she needs i.e. warmth, milk & love
  • Life is a puzzle. How can I continue to work on and share my happiness?
  • Why he left his two oldest children, his house, his job, his relationship and Australia    
  • A good father is a happy father
  • If you only had one life, what would you do with it? I've decided to be the Disco Bunny 

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