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Danielle is the founder of Epiq Media and former video creator at Drift and User Interviews. "Don't be the ad. Be the TV show."

Show Notes

On the show today is Danielle Diamond. Danielle is the founder of Epiq Media and former video creator at Drift and User Interviews.

I wanted to bring her on because Danielle blends growth marketing with Hollywood creativity. She's directed content for companies like Drift, Privy, DGMG, User Interviews, Boundless, Loom, Snapchat, Rosetta Stone, Vicks, King, Zenni Optical, Calm, Adidas, Native, Tampax, and more. She even worked on the production of Weird Little Flute for Saturday Night Live (SNL).

You'll hear about storytelling frameworks for producing content people actually want to consume, personal brands vs company brands, and creating content that's both inherently valuable and revenue-generating for a business.

More on Danielle:
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