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Today we are taking a look at conspiracy theories.

Why people believe them, why they can be so seductive, and the damage that they can do.

We'll also take a look at three of the wackiest ones out there - from why people believe Disney made Frozen to why people think the dinosaurs built the pyramids.

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Show Notes

Do you believe in conspiracy theories? 

Millions of people around the world do. 

Today we're going to ask ourselves why, talk about why they can be so seductive, and zoom in on some of the wackiest ones out there.

This episode covers:

  • 👀 What is a conspiracy theory?
  • 👄Why conspiracy theories can be so seductive
  • 🧠Why do we seek connections between events?
  • 📈Why are conspiracy theories growing in popularity?
  • 🍕Pizzagate & the danger of conspiracy theories
  • ❄Why people believe Disney made Frozen
  • 🦖Why people believe the dinosaurs built the pyramids
  • ⛩Who people think advised on the building of Stonehenge
  • 🐰The internet rabbit warren of conspiracy theories

Key vocabulary: Seductive, Faked, An inside job, Deep state, Fictional, Narratives, Goodies, Baddies, Institution, Baddy, Overplay, Assume, Narrative, Underlying, Intentionally, Deceived, Niche, Recesses, Mainstream, Attribute, Ease, Engaged in, Fanning the flames, Serial, Legitimises, Given the light of day, Laughable, Child sex ring, Spread, Surfaced, Harassed, Debunked, Airtime, Wackiest, Without further ado, Extinct, Tamed, Domesticated, Supposedly, Tenuous, Policy line, Distract, Cryogenically frozen, Franchise, Prehistoric, Piled up, Estimated, Blocks, Quite a stretch, Rabbit warren, Slippery slope


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