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We talk to one of the OG's of CrossFit Miranda Alcaraz. She talks about growing up in Salt Lake City, getting into the fitness industry through Spin, owning an affiliate and building a community organically which would come in handy in future endeavors, becoming a member of the seminar staff, then the media team, Joining NorCal and coming up with the NC Lab concept, making the Games on that team only to suffer a severe Knee injury during the 2015 Games when NorCal appeared to have the competition wrapped up, then moving south to work for Progenix and creating the biggest online programming platform in the industry, by building a community and knowing that is the most important part of this business. Miranda is a Bad Ass and you will see all of that in this interview.

What is The Clydesdale, Fitness & Friends?

I am an average Joe who loves to do Functional Fitness, loves fitness as a sport. I started my journey at over 500 lbs have lost over 200 lbs and struggle with weight everyday. This is my journey of healthy living and exercising in a larger body. My Friends Amy Rudawsky, Charlie Otey and Cat Scherer and I talk with people in and around the sport of fitness as well as share our opinions about the news of the day.