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Though used to handling emergency situations, nurses are being tested as true front line soldiers battling the Coronavirus pandemic across the country.  We all think a nurse is a nurse is a nurse and that they are prepared to handle anything--even an unknown pandemic.  This is not the case.  Nurses are having to adapt, adjust and execute in real time to do their jobs with accuracy and empathy.  In this podcast, we talk to Mary Catherine Madden, a New York City nurse practitioner with 34 years’ experience, who shares with us lessons she has learned while dealing with the CORONA-19 crisis as it peaked in New York City and her advice for us as we go forward.  In a time when we seem to trust no one, we trust nurses, and this is why.

What is Ends with Z?

Hi, we are Juan Fernandez and Cecile Muñoz. We are fascinated by the intersection of business and relationships and how to thrive in your life. We explore issues affecting the workplace and how it impacts culture, interpersonal relationships, and how to grow as a human being. What makes us qualified? Juan Fernandez has covered some of the biggest stories in the Southland Los Angeles as part of the CBS News. His favorites include Presidential visits and the arrival of the Space Shuttle Endeavour and its final journey through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center. Cecile Munoz is the president and founder of U.S. Executive Search & Consulting, a leading nationally recognized financial services recruiting and consulting firm. She’s one of a very small group of executive search firms owned and run by minority women working Wall Street investment firms.