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This week’s East Lansing Insider podcast focuses primarily on the flooding of East Lansing homes that occurred after the monumental rain on the night of Aug. 11-12, 2021. Many East Lansing residents ended up with raw sewage in their basements. ELi’s Andrew Graham speaks with Shaw Estates resident Dr. Rubén Martinez about his experience and Andrew also tells us what he’s learned from speaking with residents in the Glencairn neighborhood. Our Publisher Alice Dreger joins Andrew to talk about what the ELi team has learned from mapping reports of flooding and Alice explains why she bought flood insurance from FEMA for her Oakwood house a few years ago. Andrew also gives us a run-down of what’s coming in East Lansing Public Schools Sports, and we briefly cover the “weird thing” we reported this week – the story of an odd real estate listing in Whitehills.

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