The Interop

Abstract is an Interchain app platform enabling developers to build across CosmWasm-supported chains. Apps built with Abstract get automatic integrations with Interchain DEXes, lending markets, oracles, and liquid staking protocols.

The core infrastructure is the Abstract Account, a smart contract wallet extendable with Abstract modules. One exciting use case is mesh applications, where chains form an Interchain DAO to vote on and fund public goods at a supra-chain level.

Consider staking with Interop Ventures

00:00 Introduction
02:33 CosmWasm Berlin Hackathon
10:14 Evolution of CosmWasm
15:20 What is Abstract
24:21 Security
32:06 Abstract-JS
34:36 Integrations
36:11 Modulars
37:48 IBC Email
40:50 Abstract & EVM apps

Adair on X
Abstract on X

Sebastien Couture
The Interop

Creators & Guests

Sebastien Couture
Founder, Interop Ventures
Adair Kelley
Co-Founder, Abstract

What is The Interop?

Technical deep dives with the entrepreneurs and developers building the decentralized economics networks which make up the Interchain. The Interop is hosted by crypto investor and podcaster @seb3point0.