Aaaaaand we're back! Due in part to the editorial staff being here there and everywhere last week, the Drive at Five took a breather, but to make up for the absence Nick Stevens sits in to provide a comprehensive rundown of what went down in the world of AI this week and what the implications are.

But that's not all:

02:21 - Sky News reports that European e-scooter giant Tier Mobility is working with bankers at Qatalyst Partners to explore their options for a potential merger with or an outright sale of the company to one of its rivals.
05:25 - The Summit is happening on the 24th of May in Brussels. The agenda and full speaker lineup are now live!
06:17 - Ahead of the Summit, Fiona interviewed Caroline Farberger where she revealed, "I genuinely thought that the playing field was even when I lived as a man, but I only had to live as a woman for a few months to realise how wrong I had been, how little I understood."
07:39 - Fiona also spoke to Summit edtech panelists Svenia Busson, co-founder of the European Edtech Alliance, and Manna drone delivery CEO Bobby Healy about bridging the divide between the education system and real-world employment.
11:28 - AI. What a week. Nick breaks down how the employment of AI is affecting the employment of humans, most notably at Chegg, Shopify, and IBM.
14:37 - The Guardian reported that a UK competition watchdog launches review of AI market.
14:45 - The White House announced new actions to promote responsible AI innovation that protects Americans’ rights and safety.
15:07 - The godfather of AI, Dr. Geoffrey Hinton left Google to speak out about the dangers of AI.
16:03 - A leaked document indicates that open source AI will outcompete both Google and OpenAI.
19:11 - Istanbul-based Getir, who most recently raised approximately $500 million, is in talks to acquire German competitor Flink.
22:12 - At risk of a Nasdaq delisting, Lilium says it needs to raise $250 million, Tencent puts up $100 million at first close and offers more, but with a caveat.

All this and more on this week's Drive at Five!

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