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Hjalmar Gislason is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of startup experience. His latest startup, Grid, is re-imagining how companies communicate complicated spreadsheet data and models. In our conversation we talked about everything from how he started a company that he eventually sold to Qlik; to why he moved from Boston back to Iceland; to what he did differently before starting his latest venture that he feels other startups can learn from.

Show Notes

[1.11] -  How I became a serial entrepreneur.
[5.0] - Entrepreneurial nature of Icelandic people
[5.54] - Why did you move from Boston to Iceland for starting your latest venture
[7.52] - Story of Data Market (data-as-a-service): from a startup in Iceland to IPO in the US
[15:02] - what stage of the company was Data Market in when they moved to the US and why Boston
[18:40] - How did you get acquired by Qlik
[20:09] - What we didn't do right (looking back at the Data Market story
[20:56] - Advice for startups on thinking about commercialization early
[22:33] - Backstory on the inspiration for starting Grid
[25.36] - 3 experiments Hjalmar did before he started Grid
[31:19] - What is Grid?
[35:12] - How to take a product to market
[37.24] - How to determine price points

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Oh, the places you you'll go by Dr Seuss
History of Everything by Bill Bryce
Thievery Corporation 

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