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Sales calls aren't easy by any means. And while gap selling is the key to doing it right, you've got to put in work to learn the craft.

I get TONS of sales calls all the time, most of the time, they're not too great. So rather than blowing them off, I decided to start using them as an opportunity.

This is Gap Selling Keenan, where I talk real sales calls. If I like what they're selling and how they sell it, I'll buy it.

If not, I'll train the seller on what they're doing wrong, and how it could be improved.

What is Gap Sell Keenan?

A REAL, LIVE sales call where a salesperson tries to Gap Sell Keenan their product or service. If A Sales Growth Company or Keenan has a problem they can solve, he will buy it! This is a DOPE sales training opportunity! Keenan provides on the spot feedback to help the salesperson throughout the discovery.