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The Jessamine County Public Library Radio Theater Club presents plays from "Electric City Suite" by Ed Simpson. In "Orbiting Scranton," it's February 20, 1962, the date of the liftoff of John Glenn's Friendship 7, and young Paddy Dennehy is staying home from school to get some guidance and encouragement from his grandpa.

Show Notes

Orbiting Scranton
Episode 2 of the Electric City Suite by Ed Simpson
Characters & Cast
Betsy Dennehy - Catherine Haws
Paddy Dennehy - Spencer Kingsley
Dan McBride - Adam Higginbotham
Narrator - Bob Munroe

What is JCPL Radio Theater?

The Jessamine County Public Library Radio Theater Club offers members of the community a chance to try out their voice acting skills on a variety of plays written especially for the radio or other audio-only platforms. Anyone can join. Email Les Lehman at for details.