How We Work - with Iso Rabins

In this episode, I'm taking you on a slightly different journey – we're diving into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If you've chatted with me recently, you probably know I'm quite taken with AI. It's not just a passing tech phase – AI is becoming a part of everything we do, and I believe it's important for everyone to get on board with it.

In this episode, I'm sharing my personal AI journey – how it's reshaped my work, revolutionized my creative process, and even the simpler day-to-day tasks. From refining my writing to managing emails, AI has been an invaluable helper. It's not replacing us, but rather enhancing our capabilities and helping us achieve more.

So, whether you're a tech enthusiast or just curious about AI's role in everyday life, this episode has something for you. I'll go over some easy, practical ways to start incorporating AI, especially for those in the food and foraging world. Remember, tech is not just for the tech-savvy; it's for everyone.

I'm excited to hear how you're integrating AI into your work or personal life. 

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What is How We Work - with Iso Rabins?

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