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In today’s episode, I invited Stephanie Solheim, founder of Grow with Meerkat, a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses get more clients and leads through search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and web design.

Stephanie is also the founder of the largest female SEO group, called Sisters in SEO, which welcomes over 12 thousand female digital marketers.

Today, we will dive into how she keeps multiple businesses running while also balancing her life as a mother.

✨ Episode Topics:
00:00 - Introduction
00:41 - Stephanie’s companies and groups
05:35 - How to test different channels?
09:21 - How to optimize social media channels?
14:10 - Ton of content isn’t going to win
19:50 - Humanize Algorithms
25:35 - SEO Community is FUN
28:30 - Balancing Parenthood and Business
32:36 - Stephanie’s crazy story

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