24/seven with Bondilyn Jolly

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Brenda Thompson discusses personal and professional transformations, and how hitting a brick wall (literally) changed her life.

Show Notes

1:30    Brenda’s 1st Transformation
3:26    Hitting a Brick Wall
5:22    The Power of Mentors
7:00    The Move to Real Estate
10:31    Female Executives Empowering Each Other
11:40    Launching The Redline Group
14:23    Overcoming Business Fears & Challenges
18:50    Reading Recommendations
22:00    Communication Styles
24:39    Advice & Final Thoughts
26:29     10 Fun Facts with Brenda

Runtime - 30:06

What is 24/seven with Bondilyn Jolly?

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are who we are. Underneath the professional, the title, the paycheck, the prestige…there’s a person with hopes, dreams and great stories to share. That’s the person we explore in this series.

Interviews, outtakes, and takeaways from a network of business leaders, coaches & all-around cool people. Explore the person behind the professional and how their life story has led them to where they are today.