The Empire Boxing Podcast

Host Jana Finkbiner sits down and talks with pro boxer Rhett Gibbons.

Show Notes

EP. 02 of The Empire Boxing Podcast with B.C. boxer, Rhett Gibbons. Rhett will be one of the featured fighters in the co-main event on RELOADED on July 16th. Host Jana Finkbiner sits down with Rhett live on location in our Vancouver studio to talk about the ups and downs he’s experienced on his boxing journey and how the sport keeps him out of trouble (sometimes). The two dive into his biggest challenges, his inspirations and he shares his thoughts on the statement he'd like to make in July. They get deep on "what making it" looks like to him - and it’s a little different than you might expect and that’s why we love him, he keeps it real and sticks to his roots. Enjoy some laughs, some stories and wait till you hear Rhett's fantasy match-ups, all that and more! Empire Boxing always keeps it raw. Listen and Learn.
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Hosted by Jana Finkbiner
Written and Produced by Matt Hoffar, Jana Finkbiner, Dan Norman and Jason Hartstein
Editing by Jason Hartstein
An Empire Boxing Promotions and Unlearning Network Production

What is The Empire Boxing Podcast?

The Empire Boxing Podcast hosted by boxer, coach and creator, Jana Finkbiner, features interviews with pro boxers, trainers, managers and others in the boxing world. Our guests open up about their boxing journey, their training methods and what motivates them to step in the ring.