The Bookening

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Let's talk kid books.

Show Notes

_Mr. Popper's Penguins. _

Call It Courage.

Maniac Mcgee.

_The Bridge to Taribithia. _

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.

What do these books have in common you ask? They're Newbery Medal winners of course, and in this episode our heroes use Newbery as a springboard into a discussion of the invention of kids lit and young adult fiction, and whether kids should be taught to read what they enjoy ... or enjoy what they read.

One thing is for sure. Everyone hates _Johnny Tremain. _

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Next week we begin Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

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What is The Bookening?

3 guys—a pastor, a scholar, and their gleeful provocateur—discuss the great books. We take God and literature seriously—but the second one not overly so.