The Business of Freelancing

Get to know more about our panelists, how we got our start in the wild world of freelancing, and why we're chatting to you about the Business of Freelancing.

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Episode Panelists
  • Kai Davis
  • Reuven Lerner
  • Marg Reffell
  • Jeremy Green
  • Erik Dietrich
  • Meg Cumby
Panel Picks
Each episode, the panel (and guest) share their picks: a book, app, service, resource, or something else that they're enjoying and recommend you check out: 
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What is The Business of Freelancing?

If you're a freelancer, then you're not just an expert in your field. You're also a business owner, responsible for everything from bookkeeping to marketing to customer satisfaction to business development.

On the Business of Freelancing, our panel of experienced freelancers discuss the issues that they have encountered while building up their business — and give you practical, actionable advice to take your career to the next level. We also invite expert guests to provide their opinions and perspectives on how you can better succeed in your freelance career.