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Guest Bio - Kevin Holbrook
High-Energy Technologist and Internet of Things and Connected Industry veteran, having worked for most of the last decade designing, developing, and deploying IoT Solutions. I have worked across the Connected Industry ecosystem from early-stage start-ups through multi-national enterprises, providing insight, guidance, and hands-on implementation assistance with Connection Product solutions. I am currently focused on helping Google Customers achieve their vision of a Connected future through my work on the GCP team. If you are interested in chatting about IoT in general or my work with ThingWorx, Google, and Microsoft, please message me!

How do we deliver high-impact solutions quickly?

By learning from our past successes 𝐀𝐍𝐃 failures!

Come listen as Kevin talks about some of the pitfalls to avoid when pushing data to the cloud.

We'll talk about the execution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions that have been deployed.

Should we collect all the data or just a subset?
We'll get into that and more!

Come visit us this week before Dave heads to Hannover Messe next week for even more live content!

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