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Classlist CEO Susan Burton interviews Steve Simpson, Parent Association Chair, Lockers Park Preparatory School. Key highlights are Steve's description of how his committee post pandemic decided to return by going big. Specifically, hosting a festival entitled Lock Stock this term. Steve also shares some of the innovative 'drive through' events his committee hosted during lockdown including: pumpkin patchwork, virtual fireworks and a treasure hunt. He also shares one of his proudest moments - a parent thanked him and his team with the highest of praise, the association "Bathed the school with love". Lastly, Steve reveals how he managed to attract more dads to become class reps, volunteers and Parent Association committee members.

Show Notes

Steve, After retiring, ( very early !!) ,  from a career in business which had  made it difficult for him to get involved in social and community events, is catching up now with a vengeance. A really special trait of Steve‚Äôs is his super positive attitude - where he says "Yes Let's give it a go" to just about any opportunity offered to him. This approach has led to some quite unexpected outcomes, such as a spell training with the UK Tug Of War team, and a second career as a local radio presenter.  However it is the role as Chair of the Locker School Prep Parents Association, for the last four years,  which now brings most satisfaction.

What is so interesting about Steve's story is how he built so many strong relationships with his community. He describes how he has built a good relationship with the Head and school staff including catering and the school grounds team. Another great lesson is how he focused on specific groups to bring them into the fold. Such as creating a Dad's Escape Group. Hosting fun events for dads that made them feel like the parent association was for them and subsequently encouraged them to step up and take on more responsibilities including becoming Class Reps and Committee members. 

In this episode you will learn:
  • How did Steve enter the wonderful world of Parent Associations?
  • How did Steve's team innovate during lockdown to create innovative 'drive through' events to ensure participants had fun and were safe?
  • Tips for recruiting a more diverse mix of volunteers and committee members.
  • Advice on how to run a festival, the key ingredients and recommended pricing of tickets.
Favourite book and podcast:
  • Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari
  • Podcasts by 92.6FM Radio Verulam

What is Community Expert Podcast?

Welcome to the Classlist CX - Community Expert podcast series. Where our aim is to inspire and guide you with insight and advice from our community of experts.

Throughout this series we share best practice from successful school community leaders. In addition we discuss possible career opportunities beyond the school gate. Last but not least we hear from leading speakers from the wider world of community.