ADTENTION! The American Advertising Federation Tenth District Podcast

Be bold, be original, lead different. That's the tag-line for our current Governor of AAF District 10. Well above and beyond his hot dog success story, Bill is a true ad guy, an entrepreneur who's involvement in his Corpus Christi Club has grown into managing a very successful group of ad clubs. Yes, we will talk about hot dogs, but we will also dig into what clubs in the 10th District are up to as we launch into 2020

Show Notes

You can tell that Bill Richmond really enjoys what he does and that he takes his role as Governor of the 10th District very seriously. With that being said, running the world's largest hot dog chain, there is a sense of smile that comes in the package.  Bill was our first choice to kick off the new Podcast series for AAFD10.  Bill says his biggest challenge thus far has been teaching folks how to say "Wienerschnitzel", but seriously, trying to get a grip on the many moving parts of D10.  The most exciting part, those moving parts are rapidly creating an incredibly strong district for all sorts of ad industry applications including new collegiate clubs.  You'll hear Bill's passion for AAFD10 when you listen.

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What is ADTENTION! The American Advertising Federation Tenth District Podcast?

Welcome to ADTENTION!, a Podcast from the American Advertising Federation Tenth District. We have conversations with the people in our industry who make Advertising and Marketing impactful and relevant. Our stories take you behind the scenes on a variety of advertising platforms, where we explore current trends and topics. AAF Tenth District promotes professional development and networking, recognizes advertising excellence, provides news and resources, helps develop future industry leaders, and promotes the value of ethical and transparent advertising. Find out more at today.