Out of Beta

Matt and Peter have been busy since the last episode! Matt launched the new version of Summit and Peter has been beavering away shipping Reform features.

Show Notes

It’s been a big launch week for Matt and Peter. Matt launched the new version of Summit with its new positioning, along with a different approach to their pricing model (goodbye unlimited freemium, hello usage-based). Peter has also been busy with Reform, shipping a host of new features that should take the product to the next level. Saving progress, CRM integrations and more means Reform can compete with the incumbents, while maintaining the minimalist aesthetic.


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Creators & Guests

Matt Wensing 🐙
Founder of Summit.
Peter Suhm
Ops at Tailwind CSS. Built (and sold) Reform, Branch, & WP Pusher.

What is Out of Beta?

Follow our journey as we build and launch two startups. Hosted by Matt Wensing, founder of Summit, and Peter Suhm, founder of Reform.