The Bed Head Chronicles

Siri and Carlos Navarro talk about putting yourself out there and not caring what other people do or think of you. 

Carlos Navarro is an American actor who has been in “The Walking Dead”, “Bloodline”, and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” to name a few. He got his big break in a commercial with Derek Jeter. 

What You Will Learn:
  • Tapping into Yourself
  • The benefits of having a kid’s mindset
  • The importance of going first

What is The Bed Head Chronicles?

Join Siri Lindley, 2x World Champion, Author, Speaker, Animal Activist, Survivor and Thriver in the Bedhead Chronicles podcast. Siri has taken the impossible and made it possible. She finds a way to overcome every challenge. This podcast will dive into real life! It will get vulnerable. You're not alone in your fears, doubts, or worries. Siri will help you harness your power, create your magic, and create the life you dream of.