In today's episode you will meet Tiara Tucker from Dallas, TX. This dynamic woman is a public relations and communications strategist, social justice activist, mental health advocate, and international speaker as well as being a vocal advocate for female empowerment. In his episode we dive deep into the topic of policing, what working for social justice looks like, and how we can take negativity and turn into something positive.

Show Notes

Tiara's website describes her as a sought-after thought partner, and I can totally see why. I really enjoyed our deep talk over ideas of social justice and police accountability. I especially appreciate how she differentiates between social justice vs social injustice! Social Injustice is not limited to a black/white issue...injustices happen everywhere.

I can learn alot from Tiara's approach to growth. I was impressed how she took what could be viewed as something negative, or maybe even discriminatory, and decided to make changes on her own to give her the experience she was told she was lacking. How many of us would choose to do this? She chose initiative, hard work, and growing her skill set instead of victimhood or projecting hurt or anger onto others. She made something positive, her PR Network and Speak That Movement, that works towards the empowerment and good of others all because she desired to gain more experience. 

Tiara is not an all or nothing person. She can see nuance and ambiguity. She knows the subject of police brutality is a complicated one. She does a fantastic job, in my opinion, of breaking down the issue into smaller chunks and not making broad sweeping generalizations. Her skill in speaking so poignantly to this issue obviously comes from her years of experience in public relations communication. I am totally taking notes from Tiara in this area and will be following her lead next time someone wants to broach the subject of policing with me. No one is left on the defensive when you come at it from this angle and I think that's what I appreciate about it.
I am always in need of the reminder to continually show grace to others. Tiara's closing tip was exactly what I needed to hear. The English philosopher, Francis Bacon is credited with saying, " If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world." May we all choose to be conscientious citizens of the world, as Tiara has.

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