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Welcome to the Fund Seminar Podcast! This week's guests are Jags Walia, Senior Portifolio Manager and ESG Council Member, and Eszter Vitorino Fuleky, Lead Expert Sustainability Advisory at Van Lanschot Kempen. Jags and Eszter sit down with host Jan Jaap Omvlee to discuss the silver lining of the energy transition, touching on the important information regarding the energy transition and energy security.

Guest Information:
Jags Walia: LinkedIn
Eszter Vitorino Fuleky: LinkedIn
Van Lanschot Kempen: LinkedIn
Van Lanschot Kempen: Website

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Host: Jan Jaap Omvlee

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What is Fund Seminar's Podcast?

De wekelijkse podcast van Fund Seminar over alles wat interessant is voor zelfstandige vermogensbeheerders, private bankers en financial planners. Met onderwerpen zoals actief, passief en factorbeleggen, ESG, fondsen versus aandelen/obligaties, wet- en regelgeving, wealth transfer, BigTechs en exotische beleggingen. Fund Seminar podcast informeert, inspireert en amuseert.