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In this episode, we were joined by Richard Curry who is a Programme Manager at the SUSTAIN Steel Project at Swansea University.

The SUSTAIN Steel project aims to deliver cutting-edge science and the engineering research required to create carbon-neutral, resource-efficient UK steel supply chains.

Amongst other things we talk about:

* The circular steel economy
* Scrap, and the competitive position the UK finds itself in
* Energy and the issue of a green energy agenda
* The key deliverables of the SUSTAIN project

This podcast was recorded in October 2021, so there has been much change since the recording was made, notably with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and the spike in fuel and energy costs. It is yet to be seen how much of an impact this will have on UK manufacturing, but it was already an issue to discuss at the point of recording this podcast, and is a topic area featured in September 2022's edition of The Metal Magazine. Worrying times indeed.

Visit the SUSTAIN Steel website to find out more about the project, or to speak with the team:


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