Maybe you've heard some of the buzzwords everyone seems to be talking about when discussing the future of containers. Strange words like "microVMs"... "unikernels"... "sandboxes".

Have you wondered what these things are and how you can use them? Or, for that matter, should you use them?

In this episode of Mobycast, Jon and Chris continue their three-part series on the future of containers. We go deep on the most talked about microVM - AWS Firecracker. We learn how Amazon uses Firecracker and its tremendous benefits. We then discuss how to use Firecracker for your own containers and get the same great results.

Show Notes

In this episode, we cover the following topics:
  • We revisit a misunderstanding from last week's show to find out exactly what the Firecracker team means when they list "Single VM per Firecracker process" as a security benefit.
  • We discuss what's next on the Firecracker product roadmap, with particular emphasis on support for snapshot/restore.
  • We learn how AWS uses Firecracker in production today with AWS Lambda.
  • AWS is currently working on updating Fargate to use Firecracker. We look at why they are doing this and the design details of updating Fargate to use Firecracker.
  • We finish by looking at how you can use Firecracker for your own containers, by incorporating Firecracker-aware tooling into your container infrastructure. Specifically, we look at firecracker-containerd and Weave Ignite.

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