The LCI Greenroom: Open & Unscripted

Episode Overview:

In this episode, Jacob Winograd engages in an insightful discussion with Aaron Harris, the chair of the Mises Caucus, exploring the strategic intricacies and the ideological stances within the Libertarian Party. The conversation delves into the Mises Caucus's approach, the tension between radicalism and pragmatism within the party, and the broader implications for libertarian political strategy.

Key Topics Discussed:

  1. Mises Caucus Strategy:
    • Overview of the current strategies and goals of the Mises Caucus within the Libertarian Party.
    • Discussion on how the caucus influences the party's direction and its impact on the political landscape.
  2. Libertarian Party Dynamics:
    • Analysis of the internal dynamics within the Libertarian Party.
    • Challenges and opportunities facing the party at the current political moment.
  3. Radicalism vs. Pragmatism:
    • Debate on the merits of radical versus pragmatic approaches in politics.
    • Aaron Harris’s perspective on striking the right balance to advance the party's objectives.
  4. Personal Insights and Experiences:
    • Aaron Harris shares his journey within the Libertarian Party and his rise to becoming the chair of the Mises Caucus.
    • Insights into the philosophical underpinnings that guide his decisions and leadership style.


The episode provides a deep dive into the Libertarian Party's strategies and philosophical debates, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of the current and future directions of libertarian politics in America.

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