The Palisade Podcast

Liat Arochas is a vocal coach, singer, songwriter, and the Founder of Wake the Voice in Palisade. She joins Will on the podcast to teach him how to warm up his voice and discuss her early days of playing open mics in Philly, the power of writing songs about love, not remembering the words to a song on stage, how dark times can inspire growth, the importance of practice (even when you don't know what you're practicing for), why bands don't get invited back to venues, how bands come up with their names, the drama of being in a band, how bands write songs together, playing solo versus playing in a band, stories behind the songs, how writing and song ideas seem to be "downloaded" out of nowhere, Bob Dylan going downhill, concerns for women who sing pop songs, why Travis Kelce should cheat on Taylor Swift, why the Super Bowl commercials sucked, how to tell if a singer writes their own songs, some stories about Celine Dion, how society represses our voices, the unique way that Liat coaches people to discover their voices, what car and shower singers have in common, singing as therapy, reliving your favorite high school bands, how people are judgmental of music, how to use influences to create your own voice, and more. You can find her @wakethevoice on Instagram or at

What is The Palisade Podcast?

A conversational podcast hailing from peach and wine country in Palisade, Colorado.