You're Wrong

Almost a quarter of a century later and you're STILL trying to ice-skate uphill.

Show Notes

This week, we're kicking off yet another special You're Wrong series: T.A.X.E.S.! This one will see the nerds pay homage to an oft-forgotten star of action movies of the 90's, one Mr. Wesley Snipes (which makes the meaning of the acronym painfully obvious, of course).

In this first episode, the movie they picked was Blade, truly a film that is a product of its time in many more ways than one. This is a movie that near and dear to their blackened, shrivelled hearts and they all had the nostalgia goggles fully on both while watching and during their conversation, but they still had a complaint or five to file... which is about as surprising as saying the sky is blue.

Creators & Guests

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Life is like a baboon's ass: colorful and full of shit...
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What is You're Wrong?

You're Wrong is on permanent hiatus, but Chris, Luciano, Matt and Spencer aren't! They have a new podcast, dedicated (almost) exclusively to movies, called Popcorn & Plot Holes. Come listen to their ramblings at or anywhere you get your podcasts from!