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Are you becoming more aware and connected to the things that lift you up or drag you down? Excellent! Let's take the next step into you being in the center of creating the happy purposeful life you know you're meant to live.

Show Notes

Uplifting Listening 
#3/4 in the series "Raising Your Mood"

Join me to learn what "Uplifting Listening" is and experience a short Guided awakening experience.

You have 360 senses... and you can listen with all of them. Your natural state is 360° spherical consciousness. You've probably felt it before, in deep spiritual moments, or in sacred places, in meditations or moments of pure love. Now it's time to listen, all the time, and not just connect in those special moments. 

Listening doesn't mean only with your ears, or auditory communication, or in a language like English or french. Listening goes way beyond all of that. This is listening with all your senses. Awakening to the vibrant world at your fingertips, but out of mind, out of sight.

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What is BlissLife with Akasha?

Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended. Adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

BlissLife with Akasha is a weekly podcast with host Nan Akasha. Come join Akasha's adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

Meditations, readings, chakras, sacred geometry and much more and beyond.

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