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In this week’s episode of The Boxoffice Podcast, co-hosts Daniel Loria and Rebecca Pahle discuss the box office success of Dune: Part Two, and the unique marketing strategies employed, particularly the creation of a distinctive popcorn bucket that went viral. Daniel and Rebeccas also interview key figures in the film's distribution and marketing, exploring the challenges and strategies behind the film's adaptation and its reception. 

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What to Listen For
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:56 $82.5M Dune Part Two opening weekend
  • 03:56 Adding 3:15am screenings at 70mm locations
  • 06:40 48% of sales from premium format
  • 08:22 Expectations for the film release
  • 09:09 Right timing and scheduling
  • 10:24 Appreciation for the immersive experience
  • 14:39 David Lynch directing Dune
  • 20:04 Adaptation leaning on spiritual aspects
  • 22:11 Is Dune another Star Wars?
  • 24:50 Dune franchise prospect
  • 30:39 Wrong timing for the 1984 release
  • 32:23 Dune’s popcorn bucket
  • 34:39 The concept for the popcorn bucket
  • 42:21 The SNL skit
  • 46:54 Unexpected virality

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