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An ode to open source. I believe we should try to help more the projects & libraries we're using to build our software. Maintaining and contributing to open source projects is very hard. Thanks to everyone that do it.

Show Notes

This is the last episode of 2022. Those are my thoughts about how I think we should try to help more as user of open source project and librairies.

This episode content was inspired by the Gorilla Web Tool Kit archiving their Go projects.

On that note, I'll be back with more Go content on January, and will try to keep my 1 episode per two weeks plan for 2023.

Thank you!

Creators & Guests

Dominic St-Pierre
Go system builder - entrepreneur. I've been writing software systems since 2001. I love SaaS, building since 2008.

What is go podcast()?

15 minutes news, tips, and tricks on the Go programming language.