Devs Do Something

This week's guest is Zac Williamson, founder & CEO at Aztec. 

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Noir Docs:
Zac on Twitter:

00:00 Intro
3:45 How Zac got into Web3
6:45 The creation of Aztec
14:30 why did he build huff?
19:05 Weirstrudel & Optimizations in Huff
21:33 Inspirations for Huff Language designs
23:15 Why did Huff take off?
27:27 The future of the Huff community?
31:08 Mental models needed for devs that want to build privacy preserving apps
37:05 Hello world in Noir
38:50 Private functions and private contracts on Aztec
46:22 The Aztec sequencer
50:15 Noir & smart contract security
51255 What should people build on Noir?
56:52 Advice for early career devs

What is Devs Do Something?

A technical podcast for web3 developers.

A Superfluid production.