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Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson answer listener questions about workplace communication and remote working.

Show Notes

Alison Green of Ask A Manager, whom we featured in our previous episode, gives her advice on a couple of questions too. Topics covered:
  • Communicating changes in a corporate culture when the workforce is remote (0:40)
  • Being transparent about why a change is made when the news is unequivocally negative (3:25)
  • Setting up a system where conflicts and problems can be escalated and resolved (9:28)
  • Managing feelings of loneliness and isolation as a remote worker (12:15)
If you'd like to submit a question for Jason and David to answer on a future mailbag episode, call us at (708) 628-7850 or email us at

What is Rework?

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