A Dog's Life with Anna Webb

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Many people found ways to stay busy and creative during Lockdown and Emily Bowden used her love of dogs to start a new pet photography business Pawstep Portraits. She joins Anna to talk about how it started and where it could lead to after the pandemic. They also have a laugh over what a star Mr Binks was during their shoot but the normally camera-loving Prudence got suddenly shy. We also introduce a new feature 'Woof of the Week' where Anna gives a handy quick tip to take away.

Show Notes

To book a session with Emily go to her website

Find out more about Anna

Music and Production by Mike Hanson for Pod People Productions, a division of Thelonious Punk Productions Ltd.

Cover Art by Jaijo

Cover photo by Rhian Ap Gruffydd @gruffpawtraits 

What is A Dog's Life with Anna Webb?


They’re companions, guardians, and much much more – they complete us. And they just might save us from ourselves.

Anna Webb explores all levels of modern dog ownership and brings to life why every dog is extraordinary.

She speaks to scientists and experts - people who have and are changing our understanding of dogs - on everything from emotional intelligence to nutrition to behaviour, delving deep into subjects like homeopathy, telepathic communication and the pet food scandal.

It's thought provoking, alternative, and not a little subversive.

Cover photo by @Gruffpawtraits