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Greg talks about his journey writing and publishing his book, Code Your Way Up: Rise to the Challenge of Software Leadership. He talks about his purpose behind writing the book, how he went about publishing and marketing it, and how he even got a quote from Seth Godin. Greg gets into detail about the upside of working with a publisher vs self-publishing.

Show Notes

Greg is a veteran software developer, a consultant, and is the author of Code Your Way Up, a guide for junior developers to rise to the challenge of team leadership roles. When not coding, Greg can be found coaching his kid’s sports or fixing up his cottage.

Greg has two free coupons for his book for the first two to get in touch with him. To get a copy of the book, email Greg at

Greg's Links
Code Your Way Up
Greg and Code Your Way Up on Twitter

What is The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast?

An interview show where I talk to programmers, developers, and coders of all types who have gone into business for themselves. I find out the secrets to their success so you can make the move into an entrepreneurial pursuit yourself.