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This week Simon updates us on his customer research feedback, Dean tells of his refactoring woes.
We discuss the book The Mom Test, building an audience on LinkedIn and finally Simon gives some Stripe 101 advice to Dean

Show Notes

Refactoring, Customer Research, The Mom Test and Stripe 101 

Simon's progress on Automaily includes building in 'stops' to workflows to help protect customer reputation and detecting signups using temporary email providers (link to a list of these below). 

We discuss the main cause of payment failures (spoiler: it's the banks!) and why 'insufficient funds' as a reason for a failed payment is misleading. 

Dean fails once again to get his landing page done but has an excuse because he needed to fix a fundamental data structure design. 

We hear from Simon about how his customer research is going after approaching some companies in the $2k to $5k MRR range and why these may be 'too early' for Automaily. 

Both Simon and Dean are currently reading 'The Mom Test' which is about how to do customer & market research the right way.  We really recommend it (spoiler: Stop pitching, listen and learn) 

We hear how Dean is building his targeted audience on LinkedIn ready for launch and Simon reveals changes his pricing and spills the beans on how he is tying pricing to service limits. 

Dean, a Stripe virgin get's the low down from Simon on setting up an account the right way and how to handle offline purchases via Stripe. 

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The Mom Test

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