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Join us this week as we talk all things plants! We are joined by plant mamas Nicheyta Raino and Miah Ramos who are both super savvy plant ladies you should get to know if you want to get the all good house plant tips.

Topics Covered in This Episode:
How to keep your plants happy
How to pick plants- don’t follow fads
Googling to find out what plants work for you
When to buy a fake plant instead 😂
Should I take my plants outside for sun?
When to repot
Spiritual lessons via plants
Easy plants to start with

Show Notes

To connect with Miah & Nicheyta, and follow their plant-mom journey, you can follow them on Instagram! 

What is The Woman Podcast?

The Woman Podcast, streaming from New Life Church of Arkansas, is designed to invite you into conversations that will encourage you, challenge you, and always point you back to Jesus. Thanks for joining us!