The ESRA Podcast Series

In this podcast episode of our newly introduced series, Dr. Tom Emery, Director of ODISSEI and Associate Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam engages in a comprehensive exploration of an ambitious birth cohort study spanning across Europe. Joined by esteemed guest Professor Gary Pollock from Manchester Metropolitan University, the discussion focuses on examining the intricate process of setting up a longitudinal study aimed at the dynamics of child well-being in the evolving landscape of digital technologies.
The conversation delves into the methodological challenges embedded in setting up such a study, touching upon the formulation of research questions, overcoming methodological challenges, and pioneering innovative approaches in questionnaire development. Through this dialogue, listeners gain valuable insights into the complexities inherent in longitudinal research design and the nuanced considerations essential for navigating the contemporary terrain of child well-being research.
Prof. Gary Pollock – Manchester Metropolitan University, Co-Director of Survey Infrastructure for Growing Up In Digital Europe (GUIDE)
Dr. Tom Emery – Director of ODISSEI, the Dutch National Infrastructure for Social Science; Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration and Sociology of Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Useful links:
Growing up in Digital Europe (GUIDE)
Cohort Community Research and Development Infrastructure Network for Access Throughout Europe (COORDINATE)

What is The ESRA Podcast Series?

A series of conversations with Survey Methodologists about the challenges they face and how they are trying to solve them.