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Twenty four years before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech, a Black woman stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and sang before an unprecedented, racially-integrated audience of 75,000 people. Join us today as we cover the life and legacy of Marian Anderson, perhaps the greatest lieder singer of the 20th century you've never heard of! What's more... Chelsea Marie Davis and Victoria Theodore share their work on Marian the musical with us (you'll even hear excerpts from the musical!) for what might be the greatest episode of Follow the Lieder ever published!

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Featuring the vocal talents of  DeOnzell Green, Clinton Roan, and Charlotte Odusanya

Marian on What's My Line?
Marian Sings three songs, a 1951 concert
Short Documentary
NPR Article: Denied a Stage, She Sang for a Nation
Lincoln Memorial PBS Excerpt
National Marian Anderson Museum
Marian Musical Website

Marian Anderson YouTube Playlist

For further reading check out
Marian Anderson: A Singer's Journey by Allen Keiler and her autobiography My Lord What a Morning

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Creators & Guests

Mandee Madrid-Sikich
Follow the Lieder Creator & Host
Chelsea Marie Davis
Composer & Lyricist of MARIAN, a new musical about Marian Anderson
Victoria Theodore
Music Director, Co-Composer & Arranger for MARIAN, a new musical about Marian Anderson

What is Follow the Lieder?

Pianist and wacky song enthusiast Mandee Madrid-Sikich talks all things Lieder related (and not related!). Composers, poets, cultural contexts, piano settings, German romanticism - if it has to do with song, you better believe it's included in this podcast! Each episode covers a different song and is complete with special guest appearances and performances of the chosen songs.
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