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Show Notes

Episode 26 – Sally and Chad - #3
Authentic Learning (AL)
03:55-07:00    Authentic Learning Environment – what is it?
07:00-07:30    Link this to outcomes – come-on man
07:30-11:15    Authentic Learning designed through good Curriculum Design
11:15-12:15    Video Feedback for AL
12:15-15:30    AL and student engagement – Vygotsky and busy work
15:30-17:30    BUZZ WORD – “CURATE” – Chad’s Framework for AL                   
17:30-20:25    Sequencing on the LMS- How does this relate to the real world? 
20:45-21:00    Performing vs Educating vs Designing
22:30-24:00    Passive and Active Education/Learning
24:30-24:50    Flow State
25:30-26:40    Scared Straight with course design and giving up control
27:30-29:00    Watching yourself teaching – what you learn in the first three weeks
29:45-30:45    Tim’s Framework for AL – Hook-Look-Book-Took
32:40-33:40    Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater
33:45-34:45    Growing as an educator
35:00-37:00    Creating a ‘Menu’ for your students so they can choose what learning is important to them (Student Agency)
37:30-39:20    Stealth-MetaCognition
39:45-41:30    the whole idea of hunting and gathering – providing/protecting
41:45-43:00    purposeful performer
43:00-44:00    punctuated moments or sequences in learning
45:00-45:40    authenticity in our authentic learning environments
47:20-48:00    get rid of our worksheets
49:25-51:00    Praxis Points wrap up

Michael Wesch – teaching without walls
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Twitter – Chad - @chadflinn
Twitter – Sally - @docvinden
Twitter – Tim - @praxisguild

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What is praxispedagogy podcast?

Praxis pedagogy exists to promote those who are honing their craft as educators. Life is an apprenticeship and we want to support a rising guild of educators across all disciplines and backgrounds who wish to center their praxis and their pedagogy on what really matters.