Paywall Podcast - Subscription strategies for news and magazine publishers

In this episode of the Paywall Podcast, sponsored by LeakyPaywall,  Pete and Tyler discuss effective paywall and subscription strategies for news and magazine publishers. The discussion highlights the importance of free registrations as a pathway to paid subscriptions, revealing a 20% conversion rate with current data. 

Key points include the inefficacy of standalone newsletter signups, the benefits of integrating free registration prompts, and the necessity of nurturing readers through multiple engagement points. 

The episode concludes with recommendations for a structured paywall approach to maximize subscriber conversion.

What is Paywall Podcast - Subscription strategies for news and magazine publishers?

We discuss paywall strategies and tactics for publishers. With over 1000 news, magazine, and content publishers running our Leaky Paywall platform we have learned quite a bit about the amazing things that work in digital publishing. Join Pete and Tyler for a deep dive that will help you grow your paid audience.